Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Academy of Veterinary Imaging located?

The academy is conveniently located in beautiful Arlington, Texas. 20 minutes from the DFW airport, one of the most accessible airports in the USA. View on map

Do I get CE credits for all courses?

Yes, you will receive your credits upon completion of the course. All of our courses are approved by RACE.

Will I be live scanning?

Yes, most of the courses have hands-on scanning, but a few are lecture only. Refer to the course descriptions to tell you if they have hands-on scanning or not.

I've never scanned, is there a good starter course?

Yes, we have the perfect starter course for you if you’ve never scanned – Introductory Ultrasound – The Basics.

Will I need to rent a car?

Complimentary shuttle service is provided by Hilton Arlington Hotel, available to/from DFW airport as well as the SOUND training facility, between 7:00am-10:00pm daily. The shuttle runs every hour on the hour to the DFW airport.

** Transportation to Love Field Airport is not available via shuttle service. **

Do you have good rates at a hotel close by?

Yes, Hilton Arlington Hotel offers a discounted rate to SOUND course attendees. The hotel is within walking distance of the SOUND training facility, they also provide shuttle service to and from the training facility. Please refer to the Location tab for more information on the Hilton Arlington Hotel.

What is the instructor/student ratio?

A common ratio is 3-1 but is not always guaranteed.

Will my applications specialist be an instructor?

Possibly, most of our Applications Specialists teach at the Academy as well, but not every course.

Are there restaurants close by?

There are several restaurants an easy walk from the hotel of a variety of choices and price points. Breakfast will be provided at our selected hotel and snacks at the academy.

Will there be extra lab time available if I need more scanning time?

Due to our strict schedule during the courses to insure everything is covered, we are not able to offer extra scan time outside of the designated lab/scan times. For additional training and more lab time, we suggest attending another course. We do offer a 1-day Scan Only course, please review the courses tab to see when they are offered.

Are there prerequisites for the courses?

No, each course will list ‘recommendations’ for previous courses or equivalent training and/or experience, yet they are not required.

Are travel and hotel accommodations included in the seminar fee?

No, you are responsible for making travel and hotel arrangements outside of the seminar fee.

Is lunch provided at during the seminars?

No, however the Hilton Arlington Hotel will offer ‘optional’ box lunches at $10 – $12. You also have the option of returning to the hotel for lunch or going off site to a restaurant for lunch. The lunch break is typically 55 to 75 minutes, depending on the course schedule.

How do I qualify for loyalty pricing?

*SOUND loyalty pricing requires the customer to have purchased their ultrasound machine from SOUND.  **Standard pricing is for non-SOUND ultrasound customers.

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