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Each year the Sound® Academy of Veterinary Imaging provides more ultrasound instruction than all other vendors and North American universities combined.

Our Goal For You

After attending the Sound® Academy of Veterinary Imaging, students will possess the training to perform specific ultrasound exams accurately and confidently.

Designed Course Progression

From introductory to intermediate to advanced, each level of training leads seamlessly to the next for optimal retention and progression.

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Your Success is Our Commitment

Ultrasound veterinary imaging services are some of the most rewarding procedures a veterinarian can offer. Purchasing an ultrasound system does not, however, guarantee success. Only by acquiring quality technology and scanning skills will an ultrasound investment pay off. Sound’s unwavering commitment to this basic truth is what distinguishes Sound’s Path To Ultrasound Success.

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Our Happy Clients

<span>Hill Country Hospital</span>
"I never knew there was so much more to ultrasound imaging than getting a good picture! I have learned more about the disease process than in any other CE course. I like that the year-long program forces me to continue practicing and reinforcing the skills I have learned."
Jill Rodriguez Hill Country Hospital
<span>Companion Animal Practice</span>
"I recently attended Dr. Lisciandro’s FAST and Advanced FAST ultrasound courses at the Academy of Veterinary Imaging. It was one of the best ultrasound courses I have taken over the past 20 years. There are so many practical applications that I can immediately apply to triage trauma and sick patients, to monitor their response to therapy, and detect potential complications sooner. I believe it will greatly benefit patient care and save more pet’s lives. I strongly recommend taking these courses. "
Ginny Dodd, DVM Companion Animal Practice


 Staff and Instructors

Whitney Woodward
Academy Director
June Boon, BA, MS
Education Instructor

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